Thursday, August 25, 2005

Canada: Mining Industry Faces Serious Worker Shortage from Comng Retirements

According to "Prospecting the Future: Meeting Human Resources Challenges in Canada’s Minerals and Metals Sector", the Canadian mining industry will need up to 81,000 new people to meet current and future needs and to fill positions vacated by retirees. The research was conducted by Mining Industry Training and Adjustment Council – Canada (MITAC), and its key findings suggest "the industry could lose up to 40 per cent of the existing workforce in the next ten years. More than half of its current workforce is eligible to retire in the next five to ten years taking with them an average of 21 years of mining sector experience each. The largest percentage of workers planning to retire within the next ten years is in the skilled trades group."

Source: News Release Mining Industry Training and Adjustment Council - Canada (August 23, 2005)

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