Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oasis Institute Receives Grant To Increase Technology Skills of Older Workers

The AT&T Foundation has made a $1 million AT&T AccessAll grant to the OASIS Institute to expand the Institute's "Excellence in Technology Partnership" to help mature adults in more communities develop the skills, resources and confidence to use technology effectively in their personal lives and in the workforce. Through OASIS classes, individuals learn how to use e-mail and word processing, create spreadsheets, conduct Internet searches, and protect their privacy and security online.
When Lynn Schanz decided to go back to work at age 55, she realized pretty quickly that she needed computer skills to succeed. Through her local OASIS center in Indianapolis, she signed up for a few computer skills classes such as an introduction to the Internet and using Microsoft Word. Developing basic technology skills gave her the confidence to apply for job opportunities, and her determination paid off when she landed a job with an eye therapist's office.
Source: Oasis Institute News Release (March 14, 2007)

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