Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wales: Report Issued on Importance of Older Workers To Boost Economy

As reported by Aled Blake of the Western Mail, a report issued by the Wales Management Council and Age Concern Cymru shows that more people working past the official retirement age would boost the economy in Wales. The report calls on more to follow the lead of business leaders who continue to work despite their age and warns that employers need to shed negative attitudes towards these workers if they are to capitalise on this reservoir of talent

Among other things, the report--"Older Workers in Wales"--also calls for :
  • the abolition of the offical retirement age;
  • training for bosses in how to help staff members to make better choices about retirement;
  • the introduction of continental style phased retirement, which avoid an abrupt and “often psychologically damaging” end to a person’s working life;
  • setting aside public funds to help older workers adapt their skills, with grants to help older workers in their search for suitable alternative jobs; and
  • employers to change their attitudes to flexible and part-time work, while at government level, there should be changes to the state pension regulations to avoid penalising those who stay on in work past the traditional retirement age.
Source: Wesern Mail "Older workers ‘can help economy'" (September 28, 2007)

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