Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Italy: Pension Proposals of Berlusconi Government

Proposals by the Italy's former Prodi-led government to phase in an increase in retirement ages and number of pensionable years held from 57 to 60 in 2010 will not be scrapped, although Maurizio Sacconi, Italian welfare minister, described it "an onerous mistake" of the previous government. According to news reports, "Sacconi wants to start using the new 'coefficients' or ratios through which pensions will be calculated as a function of contributions, from as early as this autumn, rather than the 2010 date set by Prodi's government."

In addition, Sacconi wants to narrow significantly the definition of "fatiguing" jobs or manual labor employment which officials believe allow people to retire at an earlier age. He also is encouraging greater attention to private pensions and has proposed setting up a European commission on pensions, with the specific objective of identifying a general strategy, capable of promoting development and re-direct towards patterns of growth.

Sources: "New Italian government alters pension plans" (June 11, 2008); AGI News "Pensions--Sacconi: Right To Set Up A European Comparison" (June 7, 2008)

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