Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Singapore: Tripartite Implementation Group Launches Re-employment Web Portal

Singapore's Tripartite Implementation Workgroup (TIWG) has launched a web portal to help employers and employees get started on re-employment before the reemployment legislation takes effect in 2012. The portal can be found at and it is intended to serve as a one-stop information and resource center for employers and employees on re-employment.

Among other things, the portal includes case studies of companies that have successfully implemented re-employment, lists seminars and workshops on re-employment, and provides information on assistance programs for companies that may require additional resources to implement re-employment. The portal also lists the workforce age profiles of over 250 companies from sectors such as hotels and restaurants, manufacturing and wholesale and retail trade; these companies have voluntarily posted their workforce age profiles on the portal in support of age-friendly and fair employment practices.

Source: Ministry of Manpower News Release (August 13, 2008)

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