Wednesday, September 24, 2008

AARP Announces 2008 Best Employers for Workers Over 50

Cornell University heads the list of AARP's 2008 best employers for workers over 50. According to AARP CEO Bill Novelli, a "diverse group of corporations and not-for-profits are increasingly recognizing the importance of innovative policies as employers seek to retain and recruit experienced workers." In particular, Novelli pointed out that, in the face of rising health care costs, many of the top 50 employers are adopting practices such as health screenings and other wellness programs that will pay off for both the employee and the employer.

With respect to Cornell, the University offers a variety of health-related programs through the year, including health screenings in office buildings on campus, and computerized and in-person health counseling for those enrolled in its Health Program for Healthy Living. Among other things, its wellness program provides access to five fitness centers on campus, an ice skating rink and several swimming pools, along with group fitness and nutrition classes. Other policies include flexible arrangements such as flextime, compressed work weeks and telecommuting; a formal phased retirement program for faculty; a robust retiree health and prescription drug plan heavily subsidized by the university; temporary work assignments for non-faculty retirees; paid time off for care giving, and access for retirees to continued university education at no charge.

In announcing the list of the top 50 employers, AARP also issued a compilation of employer strategies for addressing the issues of an aging workforce. AARP has grouped these best practices exhibited by one or more of its top 50 employers according to recruiting, training, phased retirement, retiree relations, and caregiving programs.

In addition, AARP has identified its top 10 international innovative employers.

Source: AARP Press Release (September 23, 2008)

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