Friday, November 28, 2008

New Zealand: Mercer 2012 Report Suggests Economic Downturn Won't Reduce Need for Older Workers

Mercer has issued as report concluding that the current global economic crisis will give New Zealand employers only limited relief from the squeeze of an ageing workforce, skills shortage, and continuing brain drain. According to the report--Workplace 2012 New Zealand, by 2012, one in five workers will be aged 55 or older and employers will have to shift their focus from young to old to maintain a viable workforce between now and then.

The report found that, among other things, the percentage of workers aged 55 and over will increase from 18% to 21% and that while thehe participation rate of workers aged 20-44 will decrease, the participation rate of workers aged 55-59 will increase from 79.6% to 82.4% and the participation rate of workers aged 60-64 will increase from 67.1% to 75%.
“The fact that the workforce is ageing is not new, the twin issues of the skills shortage and the pending wave of retiring Baby Boomers seems to have been debated perennially,” said [Mercer’s Business Leader in New Zealand, Mr Bernie O’Brien].

“But this research clarifies and cements the fact that one of the biggest business risks in New Zealand in the immediate future is not just economic factors – it is the significant demographic shifts occurring that will threaten the sustainability of many New Zealand businesses.

“New Zealanders aged 55 and older are, and will continue to be, the answer to the current skills shortage - not Gen Y.

“This is not about changing a few HR policies. There needs to be a shift in the mindset of how, and for how long, New Zealanders work,” he said.
Source: Mercer Press Release (November 27, 2008)


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I'd love to go to NZ, but having examined their immigration website I have to say that it is difficult if you are older than 55.

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