Thursday, February 19, 2009

Canada: Economy Leading Boomer Business Owners To Delay Retirement

According to a poll conducted by the Royal Bank of Canada, 37% of Canadian boomers who plan on retiring in the next five years and who own their own business plan on delaying their retirement due to current economic conditions. The Bank's 19th Annual RBC Registered Retirement Savings Plans Poll also found that 28% of Canadian boomers plan on delaying their retirement due to current economic conditions, 43% say their retirement has been delayed between one and two years, 37% say three-to-five years, and 9% say they don't know.

Further comparing business owners to other boomers, the survey found that 32% of retiring boomer business owners say they will never fully retire, 19 percentage points above the Canadian boomer average. 50% of retiring boomer entrepreneurs say they will be semi-retired or working part-time at age 65, compared to 40% of the general boomer population. In addition, only 37% of retiring boomers who own their own business expect to be fully retired at the age of 65, as compared to the Canadian boomer average of 47%.

Source: Royal Bank of Canada Press Release (February 18, 2009)

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