Monday, June 06, 2011

Survey: Top and Bottom Employers by Percentage of Workers over 50

A survey of Fortune 500 companies by reveals that the airline industry has the highest percentage of employees over age 50, with American Airlines held the #1 position with 39% of its staff over age 50. On the other side, technology companies rank the lowest, wtih Google having ust 13% exceeding that age threshold and AECOM Technology holding the #1 positionn with 6.041% of its workforce over 50.

The survey--"Fortune 500 Companies: 2011 Rankings by Prevalence of Workers Age 50+"--is touted by CEO Tim Driver as "helpful to age 50+ job seekers and existing employees to understand which companies and industries tend to employ a disproportionately high or low percentage of mature workers." In addition, he notes that "It is important to remember that while the findings might show where age bias is more or less prevalent, at this point we do not have information on whether or not these employers have committed to hiring older workers. We simply know that they do or do not tend to already employ older workers."

Sources: Press Release (May 31, 2011); Second Act "Companies with the Most Older Workers" (June 6, 2011)

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