Friday, September 16, 2011

Australia: Survey Finds More Discontent Among Older Workers and Gen Y

A survey of 1,000 Australian workers conducted by Mercer finds that Australians have a higher regard for their employer and their manager and they are satisfied with the type of work they do, but that older workers and Generation Y are not entirely happy, and are more likely to leave. Specifically with regard to older workers:
[O]lder workers aged 55-64 are more satisfied with the type of work they do and are less likely to leave but feel they are being overlooked for career development opportunities. Just 40% believe they have sufficient opportunity for growth and development, compared to 64% of those aged 25-34. Older workers are also least likely to be satisfied with their pay, with 49% saying they are paid fairly, compared to 66% of 25-24 year olds and 51% overall.
Source: Mercer Press Release (September 13, 2011)

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