Friday, December 02, 2011

Canadian Chamber of Commerce Calls for Improving Incentives for Older Workers Staying on the Job

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has issued a discussion paper, reinforcing the argument that retaining older workers in the workforce is part of the solution to avoid the skills crisis Canada is on the verge of experiencing, and calling for the removal of disincentives that discourage seniors from working. In "Incenting Seniors to Continue Working," the Chamber set the table for changes as follows:
Seniors represent a constituency that needs to be better integrated into the workforce. They possess the essential skills employers need. Many do want to continue working and view work as an important part of their life balance. Yet, in 2010, only a small percentage of individuals 55 years of age and over were in the labour force.
Accordingly, the paper pinpoints six key areas to be addressed in order to encourage the ongoing participation of seniors in the workforce:
  1. pension reform;
  2. tax reform;
  3. flexibilty in the workplace;
  4. innovative tools dedicated to the hiring of seniors, including online guides and websites;
  5. lifelong learning and training; and
  6. advancing a new business culture aimed first at retaining, rather than replacing, senior workers.
Source: Canadian Chamber of Commerce News Release (December 1, 2011)

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