Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Czech Republic: Study Shows Shrinking Opportunities for Older Workers

According to a published report, a study of the Czech Republic’s labor market by social scientists from Masaryk University in Brno (1) finds that unemployment rate among Czechs aged 50 to 64 is about 47%, and (2) warns that work opportunities for middle-aged and senior citizens have been shrinking at an alarming rate.
“Unlike in Finland, the Czech Republic has failed to reconcile conditions for retirement in the upcoming pension reform plans with an active employment policy that promotes opportunities for the aging population to work,” said Prof. Milada Rabušicová of the university’s Department of Educational Studies, the lead author of the report.
The situation can only get worse, according to the researchers, as worsening economic conditions and the growing size of the demographic group will make it ever more difficult for people middle-aged people to find work. With respect to stereotyping of older workers, the researchers say they have debunked the myth that older workers are slower to learn and adapt.

Source: "Nearly half of Czechs over 50 unemployed" (January 5, 2012)

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