Thursday, September 13, 2012

CareerBuilder Survey Finds Generational Differences in Workplace

CareerBuilder has reached the results of a national poll identifying generational differences in work styles, communication and changing jobs. Among other things, the survey reports that 34% of U.S. workers say their boss is younger than they are, and 15% say they work for someone who is at least ten years younger. "While most workers said it isn’t difficult to work for a younger boss, differences in work styles, communication and expectations illustrate the changing nature of office life."

Specifically, CareerBuilder compares older workers (those 55 and over) and younger workers (those 25 to 34) and finds, among other things:
  • Communications: the older are more likely to prefer face-to-face contact (60% compared to 55%), while the younger are more likely to prefer text and e-mail (35% compared to 28%).
  • Career paths: Younger workers tend to view a career path with a “seize any opportunity” mindset, while older workers are more likely to place value in loyalty and putting in the years before advancement.
  • Working hours: Younger workers are more likely to log shorter hours--eight hours or less--than workers 55 and older (64% versus 58%) and are more open to flexible schedules (29% versus 20%).
Source: CareerBuilder Press Release (September 13, 2012)

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