Thursday, August 13, 2015

Research: Article Explores Older Workers in South Korea, South Korean Employment Policies

An article by You Yonglim and Sohn Sunju in the Indian Journal of Science & Technology looks at older workers in South Korea through their life stories and experiences in order to interpret how employed older people understand South Korea’s policies and programs for employing older people. Using this method, "Understanding Employment Policies for Older Workers in South Korea (A Biographical Narrative Research)" presents "the policy and practice context of the employment of older help readers understand in greater depth their life stories and experiences and to construct their perspectives on employment policies and practices for older people in the social, political, economic, historical and cultural context of South Korea."

The authors state that "society should develop not only suitable conditions for older people to work in, but also ways of giving older people the chance to improve their capacity to compete in the labor market in order to increase the employment rate of older workers." They also recommend that further research should listen to the stories of unemployed older people about age discrimination in the labor market.

Source: Indian Journal of Science & Technology Abstract Volume 8, Issue 18 (August 2015)

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