Thursday, May 10, 2018

Gerontological Society of America Issues Report on Longevity Economy

The Gerontological Society of America has issued a report showing that older Americans will be key to the nation’s future economic health, but the public and private sectors must adapt to these demographic realities. Among other things, “Longevity Economics: Leveraging the Advantages of an Aging Society” addresses the workplace, noting that older Americans, as producers:
may be employed in full-time or part-time positions, self-employed (consultants, contractors, freelancers, olderpreneurs), volunteers, or caregivers. To maximize the impact of older people, ageism must be eliminated and opportunities created in the workplace; older workers must be valued for the depth of their knowledge and experience, and for their dedication to the enterprise and desire to remain engaged with chosen careers. The benefits go both ways; studies show an association between continuing to work and better cognitive function in late middle-aged and older people.

Source: Gerontological Society of America Press Release (May 10, 2018)

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