Saturday, February 23, 2019

South Korea: Supreme Court Raises Retirement Age for Physical Labor

The South Korea Supreme Court has issued a ruling that the maximum age a person can perform physical labor is 65, breaking a nearly 30-year precedent which set the retirement age at 60 in 1989. The court cited changes in key socioeconomic factors such as the increased average lifespan.

As Lee Suh-yoon notes in The Korea Times:
As the age limit is applied when calculating lost income in compensation cases on the premise that the person would have engaged in manual labor, the ruling is likely to affect the age limits for white-collar professions, which have already been varied, such as 65 for doctors and writers and 70 for lawyers or pastors.

The insurance industry is affected the most directly, because in car insurance, compensation is calculated with the age set at 60. If the age is pushed up to 65, the compensation amount would increase.

Sources: Chosun "Supreme Court Puts Retirement Age at 65" (Februarg 22, 2019); The Korea Times "Ruling on physical labor age limit to have huge ripple effects" (February 22, 2019); The Korea Times New maximum working age" (February 22. 2019)

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