Friday, January 13, 2006

Singapore: Low Wage Workforce Bonuses Help Older Workers

Farah Abdul Rahim, writing for Channel NewsAsia, reports that older, low-wage workers have given a thumbs-up to the billion dollar workfare assistance proposal unveiled by the Ministerial Committee on Low-wage Workers aims to give this group of workers the leg up, with a one-off bonus and more training. While the cleaning industry was the first industry to reap the benefits of the Job Re-Creation Programme, which saw workers receive training and a new image to help boost their wages, the program's scope and depth were being extended so that low-wage workers can climb up the career ladder easily to become supervisors, better their career prospects and more importantly, bring home more pay. "The aim is to expand the programme to nearly all sectors, including building and maintenance, and new growth areas like tourism."

Source: "Older, low-wage workers welcome workfare package" Channel NewsAsia (January 12, 2006)

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