Thursday, March 02, 2006

Aging Workforce Driving Businesses To Focus on Human Capital Management

The imminent retiring of an aging workforce and the lack of experienced managers to replace them has led corporate universities to transform their operations to attract, retain and excite the best talent. An article by Jeanne C. Meister in Chief Learning Officer examines how and if corporate universities are offering the right learning to create the business results senior executives demand. She points out that the demographic combination as created a "looming talent management crisis, where an enterprise-wide view of human capital management is more important than ever. But more than anything else, CEOs are starting to see a connection between human capital management and improved workforce performance and productivity. This expanded mission of human capital management is now part of the agenda for corporate universities, and many are reinventing themselves in order to deliver the necessary business outcomes."

Source: "Corporate Universities: What Works and What Doesn’t" Chief Learning Officer (March 2006)

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