Thursday, March 09, 2006

United Kingdom: DTI Issues Final Age Discrimination Regulations

The final measures to outlaw age discrimination in the workplace in United Kingdom have been published by Trade and Industry Secretary Alan Johnson today. According to Johnson, "Ageism will affect more people, at some stage in their lives, than any other form of discrimination. But until now the law of the land has allowed it to continue. With these new regulations it will become illegal for workers to miss out on recruitment, promotion or training because of prejudice about their age"

Among other things, the regulations will:
  • ban age discrimination in terms of recruitment, promotion and training;
  • ban unjustified retirement ages of below 65; and
  • remove the current age limit for unfair dismissal and redundancy rights.
  • provide a right for employees to request working beyond retirement age and a duty on employers to consider that request;
  • require employers to give at least six months notice to employees about their intended retirement date.
At the time of this posting, the final regulations had not yet been posted to the web, but a draft version was available.

Source: News Release Department of Trade and Industry (March 9, 2006)

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