Thursday, December 13, 2007

Netherlands: Parliament Debates Plans To Boost Older Workers

According to news reports, in the context of a debate on the social affairs ministry budget,
members of the Dutch Parliament from across the political spectrum are drawing up plans aimed at boosting the percentage of older people at work. "Christian Democrat MPs want to combat the ‘negative image’ attached to older workers, news agency ANP reports. MP Eddy van Hijum, who is launching the CDA’s plan, says employers often mistakenly believe that older members of staff are less productive and take more days off sick."

In addition, Liberal party members propose scrapping the unemployment premium for employees over 55 and want an end to the age limit of 45 which has become the norm for jobs in the police force. Labour MPs want employers to invest not only in younger workers by making sure that all members of staff are legally entitled to extra training and are proposing a "no risk" policy for older workers which would free employers from paying sick benefits.

Source: DutchNews "MPs want boost for older workers" (December 11, 2007); "MPs back plan to boost older workers" (December 11, 2007)

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