Saturday, March 20, 2010

United Kingdom: Survey Looks at Awareness of Rights and Work Problems of Workers Over 60

The United Kingdom's Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has published the results of a survey focusing on the views of those aged over 60 with respect to awareness of their rights, the problems experienced in the workplace and how such problems are resolved. Among the findings of "The Fair Treatment at Work Age Report" are that most workers are aware of their rights, that fewer experience problems at work, and--for most of those--problems have been resolved. Specifically:
  • 82% feel well or very well informed about their rights generally compared with 78% of the main survey population;
  • 72% feel they know enough about their employment rights with those aged 65-69 significantly more likely to report they know enough compared with 60-64 year olds;
  • rights related to age are particularly important to older workers but the level of detail known about these rights does not differ markedly from other employment rights;
  • one in five aged over 60 experienced any problem at work compared with one in three in the main survey population;
  • 8% had experienced unfair treatment at work--although age was stated as the one of the main reasons for unfair treatment by 2%, this is less than experienced by those aged 16-24 (reported by 4%);
  • 4% had experienced discrimination at work;
  • 81% of those whose problem at work was now over or most likely over had stayed with the same employer.
Source: The Age and Employment Network "BIS Report Provides Insight into Experience of Workers Aged 60+" (March 19, 2010)

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