Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Philippines: Older Workers in Nation without Prohibitions Against Age Discrimination

An article by Allyn Baldemor for provides some insight into how the tough road some older workers have to hoe in the Philippines since the Labor Code does not include age among the factors that employers cannot discriminate against. A bill has been introduced in the Senate to include age as a prohibited basis, but similar legislation three years ago got nowhere. Among the things that Baldemor sites:
  • Many want ads state a preferred age range for job applicants, usually 20 to 28 years old for entry-level positions and up to 44 years old for managerial levels.
  • It is common for employers to assume younger individuals would be fit for the typically long hours and night shifts in call centers.
  • There is a cottage industry in forged birth certificates so older workers can appear younger.
Source: "Faded Glory: Age discrimination in the Philippines" (October 3, 2010)

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