Tuesday, October 19, 2010

United Kingdom: Britons Want To Avoid Boredom and Keep Working

A survey conducted by Friends Provident has found that British workers hope to continue to work past retirement age to keep themselves active and in touch with the outside world. Specifically, 51% of the respondents stated they wish to continue working after they reach the retirement age as a way of staying active, 47% that they will get bored when they stop working, and 43% that they enjoy the social contact that comes from being in a working environment.

Issued as Visions of Britain 2020 series--Ageing and Retirement, the report also found that "Britons have already started to see an end to 'cliff edge retirement' and a steady turn towards phased retirement, this trend will intensify dramatically in the next ten years. By a ratio of two to one the Delphi Panel of experts felt that older workers will seek jobs which carry less responsibility as they wind down to full retirement. Because of this increasing trend, employers in the next decade will have to act swiftly in adapting their businesses and the roles within them for the new breed of older workers."

Source: Friends Provident News Release (October 18, 2010)

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JWP said...

There have been lots of studies about people developing Alzheimer's and depression after they retire. I think people should be allowed to work until they are mentally unable to.