Monday, November 15, 2010

European Parliament Calls on Solidarity between Generations including "50-plus Employment Pact Initiative"

The European Parliament has passed a resolution calling for measures to improve job prospects for young and old, and so reduce the costs of funding social security and pensions. The "the demographic challenge and solidarity between generations" resolution addresses rising longevity and a declining birth rate in Europe, stating that access to employment should be at the core of policy-making between generations, as younger and older people face higher levels of unemployment.

Among other things, the resolution proposes that the European Commission and member states take "a fifty-plus employment pact initiative" to increase the share of workforce aged over 50 to 55%, eliminate early retirement incentives, combat aged-based discrimination and to develop incentives and opportunities for workers over the age of 60 to pass on their knowledge and experience. Included would be "setting country-specific targets for access to training and lifelong learning for older workers, broken down by age group and gender, thus increasing the proportion of people of all generations in initial and further training; and facilitating access to training for older workers by the setting up of incentives/bonuses by employers for older workers who decide to continue their education after the age of 50."

The resolution also calls on the Commission to develop a proposal to make 2012 "the European Year of Active ageing and Solidarity between generations", which will highlight the contribution of older people to society.

A background report on on the demographic challenge and solidarity between generations is also available.

Source: European Parliament Press Release (November 11, 2010)

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