Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Singapore: Government Employees Will Be Able Secure Post-Retirement Beginning in July 2011

Singapore's Public Service Division has issued guidelines that will allow employees in the Singapore Public Service can look forward to early implementation of re-employment guidelines in July 2011, ahead of the national legislation. Specifically, re-employment will give officers the opportunity to work up to age 65 and, later, up to age 67, if, among other things:
  • an officer has, in the three years prior to retirement, put in satisfactory work performance as well as have no disciplinary action taken against them;
  • an officer is medically fit to continue working;
  • public service organisations may re-employ officers in jobs similar to that before retirement, or on other arrangements such as part-time, job-sharing, or project work; and
  • eligible officers must be informed at least six months before retirement to discuss re-employment, with an offer to be made at least three months before retirement.
Source: Prime Minister's Office Public Services Division Press Release (November 30, 2010)

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