Friday, February 18, 2011

Study: Older Workers Deal with Stress Better

A researcher at the University of Manchester Business School says that her research is finding that older workers are better at coping with emotional stress and burnout than their younger colleagues. According to Dr. Sheena Johnson, this is particularly the case in customer service industries, where employees often face high levels of conflict and stress, and older workers find their roles less emotionally draining and have less cynical attitudes towards customers than younger employees.

According to Dr. Johnson:
As life expectancy and the average age of the population increases, the age of the working population rises - it’s vital employers understand how they can benefit from employing older workers. For instance encouraging older workers to act as mentors could significantly improve emotional burnout and stress with younger members of a team.

Source: University of Manchester Business School News Release (February 7, 2011)

Other References: An older book with a contribution by Dr. Johnson:

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