Thursday, March 08, 2012

United Kingdom: DWP Issues Positive Review of Website for the 50 Plus Worker

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has published a report, reviewing "50 Plus Works" (a free to use website designed to assist staff in provider organisations who are helping older jobseekers to return to work), and finding that the website "is comprehensive, up to date, well received, and widely used and that [the website] has clearly filled a gap in the market for a high quality, online, free at the point of use guide and tool kit for those helping the 50+ return to work." "50 Plus Works" which was developed and operated by The Age and Employment Network (TAEN) and was co-financed by DWP and the European Social Fund (ESF) Technical Assistance.

Authored by Tim Willis, "Not just another website: Review of “50 Plus Works” good-practice guide and toolkit" also finds that, among other things:
  • "50 Plus Works” is seen by users of the website as a good quality trusted source of information, as a simple tool to use that benefits from being regularly updated, it is clearly written and well edited and easy to navigate around.
  • '50 Plus Works' is seen by users of the website as a comprehensive and convenient tool for advisers working with older jobseekers - having everything needed in one place, saving time and effort.
  • '50 Plus Works' is appreciated by users of the website as a completely free resource. Other advisory and skills based web-tools typically offer limited features for free and attempt to sell additional services for a fee.
  • This website has been well received by its target audience and is seen as the reference tool of choice by providers working with older jobseekers.
In addition to the report, an Annex provides a graphical presentation of some metrics with respect to the website, including traffic.

Source: Department for Work and Pensions Synopsis: In-House Research No. 8 (March 2012)

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