Tuesday, April 10, 2012

United Kingdom: Survey of Industry Employers Finds Preference for Older Unemployeds

EAL (Excellence, Achievement & Learning Limited) has released a survey of 500 industry managing directors and those responsible for HR and training finding that they are less likely to recruit school leavers due to the greater availability of more qualified and experienced applicants during the unemployment crisis. Specifically, 48.2% said the availability of older, experienced candidates who are unemployed made them less likely to offer opportunities to school leavers, and in engineering and manufacturing, almost 70% of employers reported a negative impact on opportunities for young people as a result of current trends.

According to EAL, construction and building services were the industries least affected, with around half of respondents reporting their stance towards school leavers as unchanged by the availability of graduate or adult jobseekers.
Ann Watson, Managing Director of EAL, said: “These findings are a stark reminder of the long-term dangers this country faces if the jobs crisis isn’t resolved. The engineering and manufacturing industry, especially, is already facing a real challenge to develop the skilled employees needed for the future, as existing staff approach retirement age."
Source: EAL Press Release (April 10, 2012)

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