Thursday, April 20, 2006

First AARP "2020 Vision Forum" Focuses on How the Aging of the Boomers Impacts the Workforce

The AARP launched its opinion leader "2020 Vision Forum" Series with a "Boomers and the Workplace Revolution" forum designed to stimulate debate with key workforce stakeholders on the demographic shifts and trends of the 50+ workforce. At this forum, business, academic and community leaders heard how boomers are reshaping the American workplace. An interactive discussion examined how we as a society can best go about ensuring that suitable work opportunities are available to retain an older workforce as the pool of younger workers shrinks while encouraging employers to expand employment opportunities, training and flexible or "phased" retirement options to retain their boomer workers.

AARP CEO Bill Novelli hosted a panel discussion of leaders in business and education, moderated by CNBC's Maria Bartiromo. Panelists included Ramani Ayer, Chairman and CEO of The Hartford, Jane Friedman, President and CEO of HarperCollins, Daniel Pink, Wired magazine contributor and author of Free Agent Nation, and Dr. Shirley Pippins, President of Suffolk County Community College.

A recorded webcast of the forum is available for viewing.

Source: News Release AARP (April 19, 2006)

For a news story from the forum, see New York Daily News.

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