Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Older Workers Underappreciated in Workplace

According to a survey by Randstad USA, 91% of employed U.S. adults said they have not saved enough money for a comfortable retirement, and 40% expect to continue working after retiring from full-time work. More importantly, the survey shows some possible compatibility issues with younger workers that employers need to be prepared to appropriately address--while three-quarters of experienced workers (ages 55 years and older) said they relate well to younger co-workers, only 56% of all employees surveyed said they relate well to older workers. "In fact, a total of 77% said younger employees do not seek advice and guidance from employees over age 50."

Genia Spencer, managing director of operations and human resources for Randstad USA, offers the "ABCs" of how to bridge the generation gap among employees:
  • Avoid any age-based assumptions about employees and recognize that all of your colleagues will potentially bring different and insightful ideas to the table.
  • Be open-minded to learning new ways of doing things and be receptive to time-tested ideas.
  • Create an environment where all employees have a meaningful opportunity to contribute.
Source: News Release PRNewsWire (April 26, 2006)

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