Saturday, July 29, 2006

Canada: Conference Board Report on Aging Workforce and Employers

The Conference Board of Canada has issued an executive action report finding that almost 80% of Canadian organizations believe they will face the consequences of an aging workforce within the next five years, but few are taking steps now to address impending retirement-induced labour shortages. Although one source of labour is older workers, the report--"Too Few People, Too Little Time: The Employer Challenge of an Aging Workforce" [free registration required]--found that recruitment and retention programs and policies targeted at mature workers are applied inconsistently.
“Canadian organizations are aware that by 2015 there will not be enough qualified people to go around. For the most part, they are doing little to tackle the problem,” said Owen Parker, Senior Research Associate. “Employers will have to develop more effective ways of managing their aging workforce to maintain operational continuity.”
Half the respondents indicated that their organizations devote little or no effort to retaining their own older workers, and few employers are looking to attract retirees who may be looking for new employment possibilities.

Source: The Conference Board of Canada News Release 07-10 (July 27, 2006)

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