Saturday, July 29, 2006

Canada: Survey Finds Older Canadians Working More

Statistics Canada has released a report--General Social Survey on Time Use, Cycle 19: Aging Well: Time Use Patterns of Older Canadians--finding that more individuals aged 55 to 64 were working later in life and spending less time in leisure activities in 2005. In fact, both men and women were spending roughly an hour a day more in paid work than they were in 1998.

Older Canadians--those aged 65 to 74--devoted much less time to paid work than they did when they were 55 to 64, with men devoting about an hour a day on average to paid work, well below the 4.4 hours for the age group 55 to 64. The survey showed that time use patterns within this age group did not change substantially between 1992 and 2005, with only a small increase in the amount of paid work.

Source: Statistics Canada The Daily (July 28, 2006)

Other remarks: Ottowa Sun (July 27, 2006); Canadian HR Reporter (July 28, 2006)

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