Sunday, August 06, 2006

Career Advisers: Preparing To Work Past 65

Following up on the McKinsey survey showing that the average age of retirees was only 59 and a full 40% of retirees were forced to stop working earlier than they had planned, Virginia Galt writes in the >i>Globe and Mail that these results come as no surprise to career advisers. Thus, Barry Witkin, founder of Prime50, suggests that a "fair amount of age discrimination still exists, but it is couched in terms such as a person won't fit in or that they are overqualified or that they may be too expensive." Nevertheless, he believes that the demand for older workers will be picking up.

Witkin's basic advice to older workers is to stay current and to continue to develop their skills. Since there are there are far more boomers coming on stream compared to available employers who might hire them, he also recommends that older workers keep their résumés updated, review their career plans with a career counsellor or career-transition specialist, develop networking and search skills, stay informed, look after themselves--both stress=wise and health-wise, look current, assess their skills and accomplishments, and have a positive attitude.

Source: Globe and Mail "Thinking of working past 65? Think again" (August 5, 2006)

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