Monday, August 07, 2006

Scotland: Government Grants Aim To Bring Older Workers Back into Learning

The Scottish Deputy Minister for Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Allan Wilson has announced that the Experience Counts initiative that aims to bring older workers back into learning will continue to benefit from Scottish Executive funding until 2008. The initiative provides tailored learning programmes for over-50s to raise confidence and allow learners to acquire new skills. "Through the programme, Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) collaborate with employers and learning institutions to provide 'bite size' or taster courses dependent on employer and worker needs."
"Experience Counts ensures that older workers can be competitive in the modern workplace. By combining older workers' wealth of professional experience with new knowledge and skills development we can further Scotland's commitment to a world-class professional environment."
The first phase was announced in March. In this second phase, four SSCs will operate across Scotland, receiving £224,000 to deliver a range of activities from enhancing the continuous professional development of staff in Scottish Colleges to the development of an older colleague mentoring programme in the transport sector.

Source: Scottish Executive News Release (August 7, 2006)

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