Friday, December 29, 2006

China: White Paper on Aging Issues Published

China is acknowledging the urgent challenges presented by the country's aging population with the publication of a cabinet-level White Paper on the problem, which is part of an effort to grapple with the prospect of rising social-security and healthcare costs, a tightening labour market, and other potential obstacles to continue rapid economic growth.

The White Paper--"The Development of China's Undertakings for the Aged"--released by the China National Committee on Aging addresses a number of topics, including the old-age security system, health and medical care for the aged, social services for an aging society, cultural education for the aged, participation in social development, and safeguarding elderly people's legitimate rights and interests. With respect to Participation in Social Development, the paper calls for giving senior citizens encouragement and support to integrate into society and continue to make contributions to the social development of China.
In urban areas, governments at all levels guide senior citizens to participate in the fields of education and training, technological consultation, medical and health work, scientific and technological development and application, and care for the younger generation, in accordance with the demands of economic, social, scientific and technological development.

In rural areas, governments encourage people in their 60s to engage in farming, aquaculture and processing activities. Statistics show that among the elderly people of China, in urban areas 38.7 percent participate in public welfare activities, and 5.2 percent still have paid work; in rural areas, 36.4 percent are engaged in farming.
Source: People's Daily Online "China faces grim challenges to cope with ageing population" (December 12, 2006); China Central Television China addresses aging issues" (December 12, 2006); The Brunei Times "China grapples with decrepit population" (December 20, 2006)

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