Friday, December 01, 2006

United Kingdom: Companies Urged To Recruit Older Workers

Taleo, a provider of on demand talent management solutions, and The Age and Employment Network (TAEN) have jointly published a white paper--"Tapping into the Older Worker Talent Pool”--that highlights the opportunity for companies to address the looming skills crisis by recruiting older workers, and provides step by step advice on how companies can execute this strategy.

Despite the the demographic trends in the UK with an ageing workforce that is causing a general shortage of skills, many organisations retain significant biases and misconceptions about recruiting older workers. According to the white paper, "practical recruitment strategies that take advantage of the growing talent pool of older workers will therefore be increasingly critical in creating a competitive workforce in the UK." Specifiically, TAEN and Taleo Research recommend that employers:
  • Consider where you are advertising your job opportunities
  • Word your job opportunities carefully
  • Capture candidate data on compliant, electronic application forms
  • Drive the selection process based on skills
  • Consider re-skilling or up-skilling new or existing employees
Source: Taleo Press Release (November 30, 2006)

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