Saturday, December 23, 2006

South Korea: China and Japan Compete for IT Workers To Replace Aging Workers

South Korea, which is having its own aging problems, is losing a significant number of workers to non-Korean employers overseas due to job shortages, according to Moreover, Korean companies are not making enough systematic efforts to retain workers.
China is eying Korea’s high-tech workforce who they think will boost its industrial growth. Grappling with an aging population, Japan is looking for workers who will help relieve itself of the burden of workforce shortages.
Japan is luring more Korean workers to enhance its IT competitiveness and resolve its workforce shortages problem caused by aging. Indeed, the Japanese government and businesses are making hard efforts to recruit Korean and Chinese IT workers under the second-phase “e-Japan” project whose main objective is Japan’s comeback as an IT powerhouse.
Source: "China, Japan Inc. Recruiting Koreans" (December 23, 2006)

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