Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New York: Legislature Considers Establishing Mature Worker Taskforce

The New York State state legislature is to consider establishing a mature worker taskforce among other programs aimed at confronting the state's radidly aging population. The goal of the taskforce woudl be to help guide policy to make workplaces friendlier for seniors.

The legislation to establish the Mature Worker Task Force (A5565 in the Assembly, and S3058 in the Senate) would create a 19-member task force in the State Office for the Aging to identify and address legal provisions that may limit opportunities for mature workers; identify best practices in the private sector for hiring, retaining and retraining mature workers; serve as a clearinghouse for such information; and assess the effectiveness and cost of programs that the state has implemented to hire, retain and retrain mature workers.

A separate bill introduceed in the State Assembly, A05566 (and the parallel Senate bill S03060) would establishe "a mature worker employment and training program to help workers ages 55 and older be prepared for continuing their employment after their retirement, or being trained or retrained for second careers or other work opportunities."

Source: Legislative Gazette "Budget includes major reforms for elder care" (April 16, 2007)

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