Thursday, April 05, 2007

Survey: AARP Finds High Interest in Nevada in Working after Retirement Age

According to an AARP membership survey in Nevada, 32% say they are extremely (21%) or very likely (11%) to work beyond retirement, but slightly more (36%) say that for them it's not at all likely. The report was prepared by Jennifer H. Sauer, M.A., AARP Knowledge Management, for AARP Policy & Research.

In the "AARP Nevada Survey of Members: Work and Retirement", needing extra income was a major factor in the decision of those likely to continue working beyond retirement, but having health insurance coverage, building up a savings, enjoying work or the job, and paying for other health related costs are also factors influencing members to delay retirement or work again after retirement.
Employers interested in retaining or recruiting mature workers should note that AARP members in Nevada who are likely to continue working through traditional retirement indicate that flexible work schedules and incentive pay are highly influential factors in their decision to keep working. Additionally, two-thirds of those likely to keep working say a that a job allowing them to use their skills and expertise is extremely or very important to them, and half say that a job suited to family and personal life is also extremely or very important to them when thinking about working beyond retirement.
Source: Research Reports "Survey of AARP Nevada Members" (February 2007)

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