Thursday, May 10, 2007

Australia: ACT Launches Project To Encourage Businesses To Hire Older Workers

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Chief Minister Jon Stanhope and Chris Peters of the ACT and Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry have launched a "Silver Lining" project to educate employers about the benefits of hiring and retaining seniors in their businesses. In particular, with the baby boomer generation nearing retirement age and the generations coming after being considerably smaller, business should not shun seniors from the workforce and they should be educated that common myths about older works are untrue.

Mr Stanhope said:
“Research shows that workers aged 55 and over are the most motivated and engaged. Older workers are known for their reliability and stability, with research showing that they stay in a job 2.4 times longer than a younger person.

“Given the high cost of staff turnover this level of stability alone represents a great opportunity for business.”
Source: Australian Capital Territory Media Release (May 8, 2007)

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