Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Singapore: Tripartite Committee on Older Workers Releases Final Report

Singapore's Tripartite Committee on Employability of Older Worker has issued its final report, with an extensive package of recommendations to enhance the employability of older workers which have been accepted by the Government. These include introducing legislative changes within five years to facilitate opportunities for older workers to continue working beyond the age of 62, expanding the employment opportunities of older women and enhancing their employability, a higher Workfare Income Supplement payout to low income workers above the age of 55, and expanding the promotion of fair employment practices.

In addition, the Committee will continue its work for another five years. It will work towards raising the employment rate for residents aged 55 to 64 to the medium-term target of 65% (from the current 53.7%). The Committee will also work closely with the Ministerial Committee on Ageing to tackle the issues of an ageing population in a holistic manner.

The Committee's final report includes an Executive Summary and organizes its recommendations into four key strategic thrusts:Source: Ministry of Manpower News Release (May 17, 2007)

Additional Sources: Channel NewsAsia "NTUC urges bosses not to wait for laws on employing older workers" (May 17, 2007)

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