Monday, October 15, 2007

Netherlands: Focus on Age Discrimination

According to an article in Expatica, age discrimination is increasingly prevalent, and less talked about in the Netherlands than other forms of discrimination.
Of the 694 complaints of discrimination submitted to the Dutch Committee for Equal Treatment (CGB) in 2006, 219 dealt exclusively with discrimination on the basis of age.
Older employees tend to be less likely to be promoted or invited for job interviews, even when their resume are similar or better to younger candidates, according to a recent CGB report.

In addition, companies that are forced to reorganise usually prefer to fire older employees first. Older employees are also the least likely to be offered outplacement programmes that help make a quick transfer to a different company.
While laws may help the older workers who do file complaints, some insiders say only economic need will end age discrimination; as the baby boomers retire, the larger work force requirements can only be realized if companies decide to retain their senior professionals.

Source: "'Older' workers in Holland facing age discrimination" (October 12, 2007)

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Productivity Guy said...

Age discrimination is a tricky thing. Some things make sense and others don't, and they're often the same thing.