Sunday, April 03, 2011

Australia: Chambers of Commerce Endorse Government Promotion of Mature Age Employment and Apprenticeships

The Tasmanian (TCCI) and Australian (ACCI) Chambers of Commerce and Industry have congratulated the Australian government for its promotion of mature age employment participation. As noted by ACCI Chief Executive, Peter Anderson: "Australian employers need to develop innovative strategies to attract and retain valued employees to meet the vital skills needs of their business now and into the future."

The government endorsement follows the issuance of an ACCI research project--"It's Not About Age"--which focuses on building positive employment and training outcomes for employers and mature age apprentices to ensure that the Australian business community has access to a highly skilled and motivated workforce.

Separately, TCCI Chief economist Mark Bowles said hiring mature-aged workers was both a solution to Tasmania's skills shortage and inevitable because of our ageing population. According to Bowles, figures from the ACCI estimated 85% of workforce growth in the next decade would be for workers over 45, and he thought that figure could even be higher for Tasmania

Sources: Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Media Release (March 30, 2011); Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Media Release (March 30, 2011); The Mercury "Older worker championed" (April 19, 2011)

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