Monday, April 25, 2011

Colorado: Demographics Catching Up on State Working Population

Elizabeth Garner, Colorado's state demographer, is quoting saying that Colorado has been living in a dream that is soon going to end, and that the state is about to lose the "demographic dividend" it has had for several years--a relatively young population that has provided a healthy, productive workforce. According to an article by Emery Cowan in the Durango Herald, spoke at a conference of the Economic Development Council of Colorado.
"Now we’re going to shift out of that," she said, and the state needs to adapt. "We need to be strategic, we need to be making some really good choices because we don’t have that dividend anymore. We’re done with that comparative advantage we’ve had for 30 years."
Among other things, by 2030, the state’s population of people age 65 and older will be 150% larger than 2010, and about 1 million workers will be aging out of the labor force.

To see Colorado's labor force participation by age and gender and other parameters, go to State Demography .Office

Source: Durango Herald "Aging population in Colorado to change the face of workforce" (April 21, 2011)

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