Tuesday, April 19, 2011

United Kingdom Poll Finds Ageist Attitudes among Younger Workers

A poll conducted by Anchor Trust reports 41% of Britons aged 18-24 years saying there aren’t enough jobs for older people to be in work and 14% claiming older people should retire to make way for younger blood. Even though the United Kingdom's default retirement age of 65 has ended, Anchor reports that as far as young people are concerned, one hits the old age mark at age 62. In response, Anchor Trust is launching a "Grey Pride" petition drive calling on the British Government to follow the lead of Ireland and Canada and have a dedicated older people’s minister to champion the over-60's.

Anchor's poll also found that 21% of those polled believe the over 60s are slower and are less productive than their junior counterparts, and 5% claim they should be paid less because they work at a slower pace. In addition, 18% of young Britons call over-60s grumpy and 21% say they they are out of touch with modern society.
Jane Ashcroft, Chief Executive of Anchor, said: “Casual ageism has no place in society and these results bear no reality to the lives of the over 60s in England today who are active, energetic and contribute hugely to many of the most successful businesses and organisations in the country. The dismissive attitudes highlighted by Anchor’s research towards the over 60s are a sad indictment of attitudes in England."
Source: Anchor Trust News Release (April 19, 2011)

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