Thursday, December 19, 2013

Connecticut: Legislative Panel Issues Report on Reemployment Challenges of Older Workers

The Connecticut General Assembly's Office of Program Review and Investigations has issued its finding from its study of the challenges facing older unemployed workers (ages 50 and older), including the competing demands to have an income while completing needed job-related training. According to the "Staff Findings and Recommendations Highlights," there are many programs and services to assist with the reemployment of unemployed workers, including older workers, but that only a few programs are specifically for older adults. Accordingly, "there is no comprehensive, easily accessible way for unemployed residents to find out about these resources." Looking at existing programs overall, programs with an on-the-job-training component had a higher reemployment rate of 74% compared with 50% for programs without the component.

The report made several recommendations, including:
  • Prohibit potential employers from publishing job vacancy advertisements that discriminate against the long-term unemployed.
  • Develop summary sheets and informational campaigns to inform job seekers of the resources available, address misperceptions about the state's apprenticeship program, and publicize the advantages of hiring older workers.
  • The CTWorks Career Centers should consider requirement of a professional resume writer credential and expansion of online learning.
In addition to the report highlights, the full report, as well as an executive summary, are available online. The report has been welcomed by the House Chair of the Program Review and Investigations Committee. Source: Office of Program Review and Investigations Studies: Reemployment of Older Workers (December 18, 2013)

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