Saturday, February 12, 2005

Air Traffic Controllers Challenge FAA Plans on Maintaining Workforce

National Air Traffic Controllers Association President John Carr says that not only is the staffing crisis worsening, but the FAA's plan to replace an aging workforce is too little and too late. According to the Association, the FAA has revealed that there are only 14,934 controllers in the system today, down from 15,613 just a year ago. "Just 48 days after telling Congress in a much anticipated report that it planned to hire 1,249 air traffic controllers in fiscal year 2006 to begin a decade-long commitment to addressing a looming staffing crisis, the Federal Aviation Administration's budget request today called for only 595 new hires next fiscal year, breaking its promise to the American public that it will adequately protect air safety."

Source: News Release National Air Traffic Controllers Association February 7, 2005

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