Friday, February 11, 2005

Mature Workers Have More Passion for Work

A survey released on February 8 from Harris Interactive, Inc., conducted for Age Wave and The Concours Group finds that "mature workers 55 and over are more likely
to say their organization inspires the best in them than are younger workers
(18-34 years old) by a margin of 43 to 28 percent." In addition, the survey shows:
  • Inspired 'mature' workers: the most engaged and willing to put forth
    extra effort;
  • Dissatisfied 'young' workers: burned out, looking to make a change;
  • 'Mid-career' workers: toiling more and enjoying it less
Source: Press Release "Where's the Passion for Work? It's in Workers Over 55!" from PR Newswire (HTML) or The Councours Group (PDF)

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