Friday, February 25, 2005

Canada: Depression Rising in Over-50 Set of Employees

Although younger employees--the Generation Xers and the Millennials--are the ones reporting the highest rates of depression and anxiety symptons in Canada according to a study ("Workplace Mental Health Indicators: An EAP’s Perspective") from WarrenShepell Research Group, depression symptoms dipped rose for employees 50 years of age and over (three-year average 6.91%). Anger symptoms decreased with age--1.55% for employees over 50 years old. According to a story, in the Globe and Mail:
The [depression] figure for the over-50 set "runs counter to the traditional notion that people become more serene and confident in their work as they get older," says Rod Phillips, president and chief executive officer of Warren Shepell, a Toronto-based provider of employee assistance programs.

Behind that figure, Mr. Phillips says, is a growing demand for older workers to adapt to the increasing pace of change in work, as well as the trends for them to start families or shift careers later in life, boosting their stress.
Source: News Release WarrenShepell (February 15, 2005); Article Globe and Mail (February 25, 2005)

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