Wednesday, February 23, 2005

UK: Britain Ahead of Europe on Employment

In a keynote speech to a Work Foundation seminar on "Tackling Worklessness - Delivering Employment Opportunity for All," England's Minister for Work Jane Kennedy said that 2 million less women would have jobs and more than a million people over 55 would be workless if Britain’s employment rate was the same as the average EU rate. "While the rest of the EU still faced a significant challenge to meet employment targets set in Lisbon in 2000, Britain had already achieved and exceeded these and was now aiming way beyond them with its aspirational target of an 80 per cent employment rate," she added. The older worker (55-64) rate set in Lisbon in 2000 was for 50 per cent employment; the UK rate is 56 per cent.

Source: News Release Department for Work and Pensions (February 23, 2005)

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